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Our story

Drone skyline ltd is a Trusted and Licensed drone company in Rwanda, we are a drone mapping start-up with the aim of providing detailed and accurate data to the clients. Our aim is to facilitate the use and access to UAV data of high quality to everyone. We intend to bridge the gap between UAV data and service cost, bring together a community of both drone mapping pilots and end-users, to share accurate 3D mapping data using our geospatial content management system and platform, facilitate the access to great software tools under a consistent and easy-to-use interface for interactive maps that surveyors need for their daily basis.

Why Drone sky line

In our days the use of Drones has boosted the geospatial technology to another level, the outdated or simply not detailed enough survey data is history. With the use of new drone technology, it is now possible to quickly capture detailed and accurate mapping in both 2D and 3D efficiently. This creates an opportunity to reduce the time used by primitive surveys of DGPS and Total Station to 95%

Drone mapping use cases by Industry include: Construction surveys, land surveying, real estate, mining, inspection, agriculture, forestry, emergency management, education and health.

Drone Skyline has expertise in photogrammetry, Topographical Surveys, orthophoto production, DSM / DTM surface and terrain modelling, RTK GPS ground control positioning, point cloud production and contour mapping.


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