DRONE Aerial Videography

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Drone Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is an emerging form of data acquisition for scene understanding and object tracking. The video is captured by low flying aerial platforms that integrate Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and automated image processing to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of data collection and reduction. Recorders can incorporate in-flight voice records from the cockpit intercom system. The addition of audio narration is an extremely valuable tool for documentation and communication. GPS data is incorporated with a text-captioning device on each video frame. Helicopter platforms enable "low and slow" flights, acquiring a continuous visual record without motion blur.
Innovations in remote sensing cameras have allowed the identification of objects that could not have been previously identified. Pipeline and power corridors and their infrastructure can be documented with digital media recording.


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Drone videography also offers a very immersive experience for viewers. As you take them on a journey through your location, they’re flying with you. … That’s another benefit to drone filming: as well as flying high up above, they can also fly right down and get super close to things people alone might not be able to.

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